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Angry Space Neon Pirates Battle Arena is a fast-paced, turn-based, action-strategy game (Phew!), where you compete in a non-static environment for being the best (and richest) pirate!

In this competitive game, players take the role of neon-space-pirates seeking for treasures. Attack the oblivious passerby ships and steal their cargo or steal that directly from the other players, selling it for the appropriated floating space-store.

ASNPBA has a well responsive slingshot control, with a twist to a turn-based strategy games, with very fast turns and a non-static environment.

*This game was developed by Anderson (@Vermonde), Bruno (@bcp) and Andre (@andre_hl2) for the 2016 trainJam.

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asnpba_win.zip 50 MB
asnpba_mac.zip 23 MB
Angry Space Neon Pirates Battle Arena - 1.0.apk 28 MB

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